Minggu, 15 November 2009


Vacation is a good time. If you intend to take a vacation, maybe you need to know about the Thomson Holidays. Thomson Holiday may be able to help you find a suitable vacation spot for you and your family.

Do you ever heard about Cuba? If you have plans to go there, then you may need to read a Thomson Holidays review. A brief but interesting review of Cuba.

This is a short review of Thomson Holidays according to the blog

I had been to Cuba once a few years earlier, but that was on a shoestring. Now I was planning a 10 day trip for my wife and I and I didn’t have a clue where to stay. Compound that with the fact that Cuba and Cuban hotels are a little bit behind the time with their ready information access via the web. We did know that we didn’t want to go to Varadero Beach because I had been there before and knew what it was like and we were looking for something a bit smaller and quieter. A friend recommended Cayo Coco as a possibility. The friend, a workmate from London, also recommended Thomson Holidays as an agent that could set the whole vacation up. She said they do it right and they do it all-inclusive and believe it or not they would be cheaper overall than making my own arrangements.

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