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HGC Diet

The HCG Diet With more people becoming body conscious and deciding to go on exercise and weight loss regimes, there are more businesses than ever benefitting. Numerous “quick fix” programs are acquirable on the open market, all offering customers a miracle pill or piece of equipment that will have them losing 50 pounds in 3 weeks. But are those figures realistic, or just a marketing gimmick? Unfortunately, as the saying goes, if it’s too good to be true then it probably is. Most weight loss supplements and pills will offer a short term cure that works as long as they are being taken. As soon as the pills are stopped being taken, the weight starts to pile back on again. It’s a vicious circle.
The HCG diet offers opportunities for those wishing to lose weight, as well as for those wishing to begin a business in the weight-loss sector. Most people will know HCG as the pregnancy hormone. But recently it is becoming well known as a diet aid. While HCG is acquirable in shot form, it is becoming increasingly favourite in drop form. Obviously people like to take drops rather than injections, and with companies offering drops online, it is easier than ever for people to lose weight, and for the weight to stay off! HCG injections also need a doctor’s prescription so therefore cost more money.
Because The HCG diet drops are derived from natural substances, they are completely homeopathic, and are used in conjunction with a sensible intake plan. The drops are taken 30 minutes before meals by placing 10 drops under the tongue. It has been reported that the average weight loss is 1-2 pounds per day, and because customers are using a healthy intake plan, the body and mind adjusts itself and the weight stays off. It really is that simple.
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